1. Best start to the morning (at Abiquiu Lake)


  2. waiting = the worst #shok1


  3. follow my side project: foundnm:

    holy bible

    place/date of origin: ?

    found in : encino, nm

    wasting time we wandered through encino. an apocalyptic mecca of broken boards and busted signs, a sunday, no life shook through the trackside town. Though listed with a population of 94 at the millennial census, no signs of life.  alone, (except for the lone whistle of train every 20 mins) imagining the forlorn frontier as ever settled/alive with human bustle seemed impossible. (yet) found here: a beat-up, waterlogged cross-my-heart-and-swear-on-it-genuine, pleather hotel Holy Bible. Not pictured? It’s wasteland companion…a crushed sugar-free Red Bull. Welcome to NM.


  4. High Maintenance // Rachel

    best ever. hey, @tomemitsu!

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  7. likeafieldmouse:

    Guy Mees - Lost Space (2012)


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  9. Struggling with sobriety, longevity, infinity. Sobriety (defined as) being restless with reality, as is. My Achilles is that I always want another dimension that does not yet exist. Somewhere in the world it’s Monday but these names for chunks of time to me just seem arbitrary.


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  11. Ok spring I see you